Morcone Monastery:
Home of St. Pio of Pietrelcina (St. Padre Pio) 1903-1904

St. Pio stayed in this monastery which was 38 Km from his home town of Pietrelcina, Italy between January, 1903 and January, 1904. When he entered under his original name, Francis Forgione, he was fifteen years old.

Morcone, Italy

Front of the Monastery

Entrance to the Monastery

Painting of Francis Forgione (St. Padre Pio) Entering the Monastery in 1903

Monastery Entry Doors in 2003

Portrait of a Young St. Padre Pio

Information on St. Padre Pio and Morcone

Church at Morcone Monastery

Church Altar

Church at Morcone Monastery, St. Pio Statue at Right

Crucifix at Morcone

Crucifix at Morcone

Organ in Choir

One of St. Padre Pio's Gloves

Hallway in the Morcone Monastery

St. Padre Pio's Cell at Morcone

Window in St. Padre Pio's Cell

View from St. Padre Pio's Cell Window

Print of St. Padre Pio at the Morcone Monastery

Friar's Dining Area

Friar's Fireplace and Tree Stump Stools

View from a Monastery Window

One of the Many Cats at the Monastery

Monastery Gardens

Monastery Gardens

Monastery Gardens

Monastery Gardens

St. Pio Painting in Monastery Gardens

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